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It gives us great pleasure to confidently declare that the Cyprus Powerlifting Federation continues to grow from strength to strength as an acclaimed sporting federation. In all areas of our endeavor; anti-doping, ethics, equality and access for all, coaching, rules and standards, media coverage, event management – we have advanced forward for the betterment of our athletes, the progress of our sport and the achievement of our goals. Competitive Powerlifting is the sport of strength. The powerlifts; squat, bench press and deadlift are increasingly being recognized as principal exercises in the development of an individual’s true strength and contribute greatly to bodily health and general well being. These lifts are popular training activities exercised in gymnasiums throughout the world, with men and women of all ages being able to relate to, and enjoy them. Furthermore, the powerlifts have been shown to be beneficial in general health and fitness programs as well as improving individual’s performance in other sports and the activities we enjoy in life.  


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CPF Vision

Strategic Plan

With CPF a new era for Powerlifting is now starting in Cyprus. The Federation has brought a lot of excitement by being a great success for the Cyprus Sport Community and particularly for the Powerlifting Community.

CPF has been created with the goal to grow the powerlifting scene in Cyprus and give an opportunity of recognition to its athletes. We are willing to support and motivate our members in their powerlifting journey, give them the opportunity to represent our country and promote their talents in a national and international level of competition. We would like to see powerlifting athletes in Cyprus, participating, stepping out of their comfort zone and exceeding their own potential. To achieve this, CPF promises a high standard, drug free and diverse environment for strength athletes to compete in.

We would therefore like to invite all the powerlifters and the sport’s enthusiasts in Cyprus to join the CPF family and help the sport grow not only in Cyprus, but also in Europe. We look forward to welcome you and together to excel and create a better world through Powerlifting.

We Commited


The highest standards will be set to deliver all events, systems and processes

CPF has zero tolerance policy for Doping practises in accordance with the EPF and IPF standards

As an affiliated member of EPF and IPF, CPF will proactively support the efforts to advance the sport of Powerlifting

CPF will maintain honesty, fairness and responsibility throughout all processes

All events organised by CPF will welcome all individuals of all age, gender, disability, cultural and racial backgrounds

CPF community has adopted an environment of enjoyment, solidarity and companionship

CPF will support all members in a best way possible, in order to fulfil their potential and step out of their comfort zone


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