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Each and every sport has its own rules and regulations. Have a thorough read of CPF’s rules and regulations to ensure a good preparation for the competitions.



CPF Guide


1. Only registered members will have the right to participate in the events organized by

CPFAthletes who wish to participate in events / competitions would be required to have a CPF membership. Athletes who are not current members of the federation will be able to register with CPF within the timeframe of one month prior to the predefined date of the event or competitionAthletes who wish to participate in events / competitions should submit the participation form at least two weeks prior to the predefined date of the event or competition. If the application for participation is submitted, but the athlete is not registered with CPF, the application will then be cancelled. Only extremely special cases, where an athlete submits the participation form without a CPF membership or outside the above timeframes, will be examined and discussed from the board of directors to review their right to participate or compete.

2. The participation fee for the events / competitions organized by the CPF will be announced alongside the predefined date, since will be depending of the
organization of the event / competition. 

3. For participation in events and competitions organized by CPF, the application for participation will need to be completed on-line or given in person to one of the CPF’s members of the board of directors, at least two weeks prior to the predefined date of the event / competition. Participation application forms which will be sent outside the aforementioned time frame, meaning less than two weeks prior to the predefined date of the event / competition, will be cancelled. Athletes who wish to participate in events/competitions organised by CPF and are members of a federation of other countries, membership with CPF will not be obligatory. However, the predefined fee for the competition will need to be payed within the time frame as mentioned above.

4. In order to be able to take part in competitions, athletes must present a valid health card – for more information see the predefined tab on the official CPF website.

Approved supportive equipment:

Only costumes, support shirts, wraps and singlets from commercial manufacturers officially registered and approved by the Technical Committee shall be permitted for use in Powerlifting Competitions. This applies to all championships and records, from Local to World. Only bars and plates, squat racks, bench racks and benches from commercial manufacturers officially registered and approved by the Technical Committee shall be permitted for use in World, Regional and Continental Championships. The setting of World Records must be made with Bars and Discs featured on this list.

Download of the APPROVED LIST (PDF) – VALID UNTIL 31.12.2022 

*updated 13 April 2021

The user of this powerlifting equipment for himself and his heirs, release the IPF, its representatives, agents, and affiliates from any and all liability arising from the use of this equipment. Further, the user agrees to use this equipment as recommended. Failure to do so voids all responsibility and liability of the IPF, its agents, and affiliates, and the manufacturer of this equipment. Use of this equipment constitutes an agreement to these conditions.

Courtesy of:
Johan Smith, Chairman of IPF Technical Committee
and Dietmar Wolf,  IPF Treasurer

Download of the APPROVED LIST (PDF) Gree

Competing CPF members will be judged and scored in accordance to the International Powerlifting Federation rules and regulations. Please review the IPF Rule Book .

All athlete will be expected to own equipment that complies with the IPF Approved Equipment List. Please review the IPF Approved Equipment List.

The IPF Anti-Doping Rules apply to CPF, Athlete Support Personnel and other Persons, each of whom are deemed, as a condition of their membership, accreditation and/or participation in the sport of powerlifting to have agreed to be bound by these Anti-Doping Rules.

For more information on the Code and its standards, click on the Useful Anti-Doping Links in this section.

The IPF Code of Ethics shall apply to the IPF, each National Federation of the IPF, and each Participant in the activities of the IPF or any of its National Federations by virtue of the Participant’s memberships, accreditation, or participation in the IPF, its National Federations, or their activities or Events. The IPF Code of Ethics which is ratified by the IPF General Assembly is available on the link below.



The IPF Referee Code of Conduct and Ethics shall guide all IPF Referees in the execution of their assignments. The Code including also shows the Ethical Guidelines that each IPF Referee shall maintain at all times.


The IPF Coach Code of Ethics is a positive affirmation of the Coach’s commitment to the fundamental qualities of professionalism, integrity and equity. Written acknowledgement of the Code is a requirement for a Coach to be registered as a Head Coach, Coach or Assistant Coach at an IPF international event, or to otherwise represent the IPF at an approved activity. This Coach’s Code is complementary to the International Powerlifting Federation Code of Ethics (refer to document above) and applies in addition to that overall Code.


The IPF Medical Code supports the basic rules regarding the best medical practices in the sport of powerlifting and safeguarding of the rights and health of the athletes. It encourages the adoption of specific measures to achieve those objectives.


The sport of Powerlifting impacts the environment. The IPF shall encourage competition directors, athletes, coaches and referees all play a part in preserving and sustaining the environment.





Find all information about the IPF formula at International Powerlifting Federation!

The spotters/loaders must consist of minimum 2 complete and experienced teams of 5 persons each. One leader of each team should be responsible to guide the other members of the team regarding the different duties in connection with loading the bar, adjusting the rack heights, cleaning the bar and control of the lifters safety.

Prior to lift off of each session, a member of the Jury must check and instruct the Spotters/loaders of the following:

Dress code

Check that all spotters for the session is wearing tracksuit bottoms or shorts of the same colour, championship or sponsors t/shirts and proper shoes


1.  Squat up to 200Kg only needs 3 spotters 

2. The center spotter must keep his/her arms away from the lifter thighs during the descend to allow the referee’s to see the depth of the squat  

Bench Press 

1. Bench Press up to 200Kg only needs 3 spotters 

2. The centre spotter must stand to the side, only spot the lifter when he/she is ready for the lift off and must move out of view once the lifter arms are lock, this to give a clear view of the lifter during the descend and pressing   

3. The centre spotter must wait until the chief referee signal to complete the lift is given before attempt to assist the lifter to replace the bar.  This is to allow the audience in the hall and watching live streaming to see the lift completed


1.  Once the bar is loaded the spotters must move out of view of the streaming cameras and the view of the EPF sponsor’s board

Accident on the platform during streaming

Should an accident occur on platform during streaming, the spotters must formed a barrier in front of the cameras to stop the audience from seeing the accident   


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